Photographer Photoshoot + Model Workshop

Vison Makers & iModelsNW

Vision Makers and iModelsNW have teamed up together to bring you a very unique opportunity. This three-hour event on Saturday, July 25, 2020, will bring models and photographers together so you can learn and practice your craft. We will start the morning with a model workshop designed for posing models. Learn how models should pose. How to stand, the best ways to pose the arms and hands & much more! Then we will have a photoshoot with the models. Photographers will have the opportunity to shoot with FIVE different models for two hours in a fantastic outdoor setting.  

Why The Classroom Time Is Important

Many photographers have a hard time communicating to models what they want. For some of us, it is difficult to know where to pose the hands and arms. How should you have your model stand? How do you get different looks?  What is a good look? This is why you need to learn about posing models. So why not learn what the models are learning? You will be able to attend the Models Workshop too! We will have a special area for photographers so they can hear and see what the models are learning and taking in. You will become a better photographer just by understanding and knowing what the models are learning. Take that knowledge with you and use it on your future shoots!

You will be learning from the well known and talented D. Harris owner ofiModelsNW. Learn from her 20+ years of experience in the industry as a working model and actress. Her knowledge and experience on the runway, commercial shoots, and television are now available to you for this unique event! – Read what people are saying about her click here
• Dee (as she is called) will show you posing and style techniques to help you get the shot you want and help diversify your portfolio to potential clients. 
•  After the class you will then be able to take what you have learned and apply it immediately with several photoshoots with each model. There will be many outdoor shooting areas for you to pick from. Imagine being able to take what you just learned in class and apply it on the spot!
• We will have models available for you to shoot with for two hours.
• Models will change 1-2 times during the event – so you will have a variety of styles from each model. 
• Photographers will be required to send their top images to the models. Models will be required to share images on Social Media, and tag the photographers – INSTANT BRAND BUILDING!
• BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE – Dee will also be providing additional help during the photoshoot. She will be roaming from station to station and stepping in when she sees a potential opportunity to help a model look better for you!

Why Photographers Should Attend

Let’s be honest here, we all want to create great images. But how do you go about building your portfolio?  How do you practice your craft? Sure, you can find a model willing to shoot with you but many are going to want compensation ($). Even if you find a TFP that is worth your time, (can we say Craigslist?)  it will still cost you time. And in the end, you are going to have images of ONE model.  Now imagine being able to attend a single event, and in a couple of hours, you take away shots of MULTIPLE models! Remember these models just went through a coaching class with an industry leader. They are ready and eager to apply what they just learned; And here you are with a camera. Imagine the potential for some great images! This is a great opportunity to try out that new flash or lens you just bought. Need an excuse to practice Off-Camera Flash techniques? Have you been wanting to feel more confident about outdoor fill flash or High-Speed Sync? Now is your opportunity to practice your technical skills. 

• You will have two hours of shooting time with these models.
• We will have a min of 5 models available for you to shoot with. (due to COVID we are limiting things on purpose. If things get better this month we may allow more models to attend.)
• Remember, these models will be eager to work with you! They are going to want to create with you!
• You will be required to send your favorite images to the models. And models will be required to share those images on Social Media, and tag your photography business. – INSTANT BRAND BUILDING!
• Models will sign a general release form so you will be allowed to use the images for your needs.

NOTE: Photographers must bring their own equipment to use. We recommend an 85mm and longer lens, and a portable flash (battery, not AC) either on camera or off. You are responsible for the safety and use of your own equipment.  CLICK HERE for a list of recommended equipment


8 am – CHECK-IN AND SET UP – You are required to check-in first, then; Photographers can set up equipment. Models can put on finishing touches. Everyone needs to be ready and seated by 9 am.
9 am – MODELS WORKSHOP – Models will participate in the workshop. Photographers are highly encouraged to attend too. 
10 am – PHOTO SHOOT – You will have two full hours to create some incredible images with the models!
NOON – WRAP UP AND TEAR DOWN – finish up your last shooting session & tear down, please.
1 pm – IT’S A WRAP! 


The event will be on July 25th, 2020 in Banks Oregon. It is an outdoor shoot at a HUGE private estate.  Imagine acres of trees and open fields. Plenty of room and lots of areas to shoot; all with nature as your backdrop! 

• This is a private location and the event will not be open to the public.
• Banks OR is about 12 miles North-West of Hillsboro off of Hwy 26.
• We will enforce social distancing in order to keep everyone safe. (see below)
FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES – Unless you are actively being photographed (no exceptions!)
• Models & photographers only. No guests allowed. Paid attendees only.
• We will be rotating models and photographers through each station.
• The first shooting block will begin at approximately 10 am – Please be ready to go!
• PHOTOGRAPHERS – You will be required to send several of your favorite images to the model you shot.
• MODELS – In return, you will be required to post those images to your Social Media accounts. 
• GOOD FAITH AGREEMENT – You may use these images as you wish to promote your brand & image. However, the photographers’ watermark must be kept in place OR if edited out, you must site who the photographer was and TAG them on social media as well. PHOTOGRAPHERS should in good faith also tag and cite the model when you post too. This will amplify your brand! – You will be provided with a list of social media accounts.
• There will be a nominal fee to attend this event (see below). Those that purchase first will be guaranteed a spot.
• Depending on the response, we may add a waiting list.
PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW if you want to attend! We will not hold spots for anyone. And we do anticipate to sell out.


Even though many areas are starting to open back up, we want to keep social distancing in place as much as possible. We choose this outdoor venue so it would be much easier for everyone to keep their distance rather than a closed studio. We believe everyone has a right to their own level of protection. As such there are a few rules for this event:

FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES – Unless you are in front of the camera and being actively photographed (no exceptions!)
• We will keep social distancing in place at a level you and the photographer agree on BEFOREHAND.
• Models will need to do your own hair & makeup.
• NO SHARING of makeup, tools, equipment clothes, drinks, food, etc. (bring what you need, don’t share)
• We will limit the number of participants to maximize social distancing.
• Models & photographers only. No guests allowed. Paid attendees only.
• We suggest you bring your own chairs, tables, etc. for you to use (remember, this in an open, woodsy area.)
• Plan ahead – bring what you need for the event. Don’t assume someone else will be providing it for you. 
• Besides being required to sign a model release, there will be a COVID waiver for you to sign.

Anybody found to be non-compliant to the above rules will not be allowed to attend any future Vision Maker Events


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