With Oregon opening back up, we would like everyone to know our intentions with photoshoots and how we are going to approach this. Currently, we are entertaining small shoots that encompass about 10 total people or less. Our plan is to stay outdoors with social distancing enforced. We will not be using any designer clothing due to sanitizing issues. Preference will be given to models that can handle doing their own makeup.  We hope to be back in the studio sometime 4th Quarter.

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It’s Going To Be Epic!

Here at The Eye Of Odin Photography we are in the process of redesigning our website with some fabulous new features. This redesign will allow for a  friendly user experience. It will be optimized for speed regardless if you are viewing on a tablet, smartphone, or computer. It will also contain technology that will allow us to interact with our clients more efficiently. The new site will feature a built-in appointment calendar too. Now you can go on-line to see what available dates and time Odin has! AND book the time you want right on the spot!

There is so much more being planned! – Stay Tuned!

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