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Who Is Odin?

During my time in Jr. High, my dad gifted me an SLR camera, and that was the turning point! I remember taking the camera to my first dance, capturing pictures of my friends and classmates—it was a magical experience, and I instantly fell in love with photography!

The truth is, I’m a total people person, and why my wife calls me a social butterfly. Photography has given me the perfect outlet to connect with others on a deeper level. Through my lens, I get to explore the unique personalities of my subjects and freeze those precious moments in time, whether on good old film or modern digital media.

Photography is more than a job to me; it’s my passion, my heart and soul. It brings me immense joy to capture emotions and create lasting memories for my clients. I would be truly honored if you’d give me the chance to work with you, creating something beautiful together. Let’s connect, and let my lens tell your story!

Richard Guerrero
The Eye of Odin Photography


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