Studio Photoshoot
With Curvy Diva Girls Fashions

Join us this month and you will have the opportunity to wear an outfit from Curvy Diva Girls Fashions! Purchase your ticket before November 15th and an outfit will be handpicked for you from the Holiday line for you to wear for the photoshot. Models who elect to purchase the outfit will receive 25% off! What are you waiting for? Come be a Vision Maker!

We are moving things to an indoor Studio for this month’s photoShoot! If your portfolio needs include, headshots, 3/4, and full-length images in front of a background, then this event is for you! We will have two shooting stations both with professional studio lighting. In addition, we will take advantage of some incredible things this space offers. 

We are very happy to have secured a brand new business relationship with Chapel Theatre located in Milwaukie, OR. This amazing space will provide us with over 1200 square feet of shooting space and not only includes a stage that we can use but the large windows will provide us with some amazing, soft, natural light for some incredible images. In addition, we are being allowed to use many of the cool stage props. – And that is just the first floor!

If we need to, we will open additional shooting stations in the downstairs area. Yep, this place has TWO floors for us to use! And the first floor of the event space is completely ADA accessible with a restroom, and a ramp to the front door. (note: the stage, green room, rehearsal room, and the tech both are not ADA accessible)




How does Vision Makers keep me safe?

COVID-19 is still a concern for all of us. We will continue to require everyone to wear facemasks at all times; Unless you are actively shooting in front of a camera. Because we are moving indoors we will be limiting how many people will be in the venue at any given time. The city is allowing groups of 25 or less. But since the weather can be cold this time of the year, and heaters on, we will be controlling the flow of people in the room by having reserved shooting times; allowing us to keep it to under 10 at any given time. We also observe Contact Tracing guidelines. 


How to reserve your spot

To attend this event, you will select the session time you want. You are reserving one hour of shooting time in front of the camera. This will give you two, 30min shoots with a photographer. We are limiting the number of tickets available for each session. After your session is finished, we ask that you be respectful and leave the venue so the next group may have their time. This will help us maintain social distancing, and provide a level of safety for all.   

Tickets are now available for both Session #1 and Session #2. If we sell out, we will add Session #3.
If the demand is even higher than that, and we fill all three sessions, we will then add an additional photographer and shooting station. This will allow us to add one more ticket for each of the three sessions. 

Session 1Start Time 2:00 pm You will need to be ready to go, including hair, makeup, etc., in order to meet your start time. Please arrive 15-20min early to check-in. Plan ahead. DO NOT ARRIVE LATE. If you are late, we can not offer any makeup time.

Session 2 – Start Time 3:00 pm You will need to be ready to go, including hair, makeup, etc., in order to meet your start time. Please arrive 15-20min early to check-in. Plan ahead. DO NOT ARRIVE LATE. If you are late, we can not offer any makeup time.

Session 3 – Start Time 4:00 pm
If the first two sessions fill up, we will add Session #3.



WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? – Whatever you want. There is no theme for this event so your vision is our vision 🙂
Being indoors with studio lighting, many of these shots will be closer, more of a portrait style. As such we recommend you concentrate on your makeup and jewelry as the details will stand out. Sold colors with some accents are best. Busy patterns may not work well unless you are using it as a theme.

HOW LONG WILL MY PHOTOSHOOT BE? – Regardless of which session you choose, you will get a full hour of shooting time in front of the camera. This translates to approximately 30min with the first photographer, and 30min with a second photographer.

HOW MANY OUTFIT CHANGES CAN I HAVE? – You may change as many times as you wish, but keep in mind you have one hour of shooting time. It might be best for you to take off or add a jacket or shrug, or switch out a prop; something simple and fast. However, if you leave to change into a completely different outfit/wardrobe, this will affect the actual amount of time you have in front of the camera. 

IS THERE A GUARANTEED NUMBER OF IMAGES? – The short answer is no. This event is not about producing a ton of random images. It is about creating great images. That being said you will receive ‘many’ images; in line with what our previous events have brought you.  

CAN I PURCHASE MORE THAN ONE TICKET? – YES! If you truly want a complete outfit change, or just the opportunity to have more time to work on a particular style with the photographer(s),  we recommend you purchase one ticket for Session 1 and a second ticket for Session 2. That will give you more time to complete anything you have in mind.

WHAT IF I ARRIVE LATE? – We highly recommend you arrive before the start time of your session. You are reserving one hour of time with the photographer(s). As such we are not able to allow your session to go over into the next session. Please plan ahead accordingly. The price of your ticket helps us pay for the rental fee. As such no refunds will be issued.

WHAT IF TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT FOR SESSION #1 & #2? – If we sell out, we will add an additional, third session that will start at 4 pm.  

WHAT IF ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT FOR SESSION #1, #2 & #3? – If this happens, we will open a second floor! We will add an additional photographer and shooting station, and make available additional tickets across each of the three-session times. 



Due to COVID-19 and logistical issues of this shoot, photographer admission is by invite only. If you would like to be considered, please email us.


Even though many areas are starting to open back up, we want to keep social distancing in place as much as possible. We chose this indoor venue so it would be much easier for everyone to keep their distance. We believe everyone has a right to their own level of protection, but this event has min guidelines. As such there are a few rules for this event:

FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES – Unless you are in front of the camera and being actively photographed (no exceptions!)
• We will keep social distancing in place at a level you and the photographer agree on BEFOREHAND.
• Models will need to do your own hair & makeup.
• NO SHARING of makeup, tools, equipment clothes, drinks, food, etc. (bring what you need, don’t share)
• We will limit the number of participants to maximize social distancing.
• Models & photographers only. No guests allowed. Paid attendees only.
• Plan ahead – bring what you need for the event. Don’t assume someone else will be providing it for you.
• Both the model and the photographer must be wearing a facemask when viewing images from the back of a camera
• Besides being required to sign a model release, there will be a COVID waiver for you to sign.
• Please understand that Social Distancing rules are fluid, and as such, rules may change. We will post the most up to date guidelines and rules as they become available.

Anybody found to be non-compliant with the above, will not be allowed to attend any future Vision Maker Events.


Reserve Your Session Today!

Please make sure to select your correct ticket type. If you are a model, then select MODEL Admission. If you are a photographer, then select PHOTOGRAPHER Admission. If you select the wrong type or session, you will not be refunded. If the type of ticket you want is sold out, we strongly suggest adding yourself to the waiting list. We sometimes can open up more tickets and will send out invites in the order they came in. 

Due to COVID-19 and logistical issues of this shoot, photographer admission is by invite only. If you would like to be considered, please email us.

NOTE: any promotions or codes must be entered at the time of purchase. No refunds will be given after the fact. If you are having issues with a promotional code, please contact us first before checking out.



Chapel Theatre



Have more questions?

If you have a question you need to be answered before purchasing a ticket, then please contact us and we will be happy to help you. email us at

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