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Examples of (corporate) events include:
• Conferences
• Exhibits
• Trade Shows
• Galas
• Company parties & anniversaries
• Holiday Parties
• Open House
• Grand Openings
• Press Events
• New Product Releases/Announcements
• Retirement Dinners
• Corporate fundraising events
and more!

Event Photography

So why do you need to budget properly for your Event Photography? There are two main things your budget is going towards:

1) The number of man-hours of photography service
2) The copyright to distribute the images the photographer takes

You see, it is not just the number of hours you need to have a photographer at your event,  it is also about the fact your company needs to be able to use those images for your marketing. In the digital age, this includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the company website, as well as printed materials. So if a magazine or website contacts you and wants to use one of those images, do you have the legal right to use that image? We hope so! You don’t want to worry if the photographer is going to want an ‘extra fee’ so you have the right to use his image. At The Eye Of Odin Photography, the end product is delivery of all the best images and a release granting the company the right to use and distribute the images as it deems fit for their marketing needs.

Big corporations understand the need to get the images basically ‘royalty-free’ for their own internal use. But what about the small and medium-size companies? It can be hard to budget properly for a professional photographer that has the skill to deliver the images you want, without sacrificing quality Vs. price.

But what if there was a way to extend the value of your Event Photography?

 Here is where The Eye Of Odin comes in. We know event photography is not just about taking pictures. 

Conference Break Out

“Event photography is about creating content to help amplify your brand and message”




  When you have The Eye Of Odin on your side, we will sit with you to:
• Go over your brand image
• Fully understand your message so we can help amplify it
• Analyze your Facebook strategy with you
• Help you decide if live-tweeting is right for your event
• Document any hashtags you have been using
• Plan ahead if you are using Instagram
• Review your LinkedIn profile and usages
• Partner with you to help build a strategy to make sure the images we take align with everything above
– We just don’t take pictures and hand them over to you. We CREATE CONTENT for you!

So contact us today and let’s talk about your Event Photography needs. Or better said,
let’s talk about your digital content needs.