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Summer is here. Let’s go outside!

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Three Epic Hours

On June 25th, 2020 we are headed to Banks Oregon for an outdoor shoot at a HUGE private estate. You don’t want to miss this event! Imagine acres of trees and open fields. Plenty of room and lots of areas to shoot; all with nature as your backdrop! 

• This is a private location and the event will not be open to the public.
• Banks OR is about 12 miles North-West of Hillsboro off of Hwy 26.
• The shoot will start at 2 pm but models can arrive as early as 1:30 to get ready.
• For your privacy an RV will be provided for you to change in.
• We will keep social distancing in place. (see below)
• Models & photographers only. No guests allowed.
• Shooting blocks are 30min each.  We will be rotating models and photographers at the end of each block.
• The first block will begin at approximately 2 pm.
• You will be given at least TWO blocks of shooting time with a photographer.
• Depending on your arrival, and time permitting, a third block may be offered to you (this is not guaranteed).
• You must arrive ready to go no later than 3 pm to be guaranteed your 2 shooting blocks. 
• You will be provided with approximately 20 (or more) professionally edited images from the shoot; from each photographer.
• Images will be suitable for social media @110dpi (Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc).
• You may use these images as you wish to promote your brand image. However, the watermark must be kept in place.
• There will be a nominal fee to attend this event (see below). Those that purchase first will be guaranteed a spot.
• Depending on the response and venue, we may add a waiting list.
• We will be limiting this event to FOUR models!  PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW if you want to attend!

Why is the entry fee so low?

Richard Guerrero and Ken Schlegel are passionate about their photography. With a drive to continually grow and perfect new techniques, we set out with a goal to have monthly photoshoots where we could work with other models who may be starting their portfolio or just wanting to participate in something fun and enriching.  With the amount of time and effort needed to deliver all of this, one could easily pay $200-$300 for this level of quality and time. But we didn’t want to charge those types of fees for our events. – So why not continue to make it free? Based on past experience free events have resulted in some not showing up. Since our events will be limited in attendees, we felt it was appropriate to ask for a nominal fee. 


Even though many areas are starting to open back up, we want to keep social distancing in place as much as possible. We chose this outdoor venue so it would be much easier for everyone to keep their distance rather than a closed studio. We believe everyone has a right to their own level of protection. As such there are a few rules for this event:

• We will keep social distancing in place at a level you and the photographer agree on.
• You will need to do your own hair & makeup.
• NO SHARING of makeup, tools, clothes, drinks, food, etc. (bring what you need, don’t share)
• We will limit the participants to 4 models to maximize social distancing.
• Models & photographers only. No guests allowed.
• We suggest you bring your own chairs, tables etc. for you to use (remember, this in an open, woodsy area.)
• Plan ahead – bring what you need for the event. Don’t assume someone else will be providing it for you. 


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