Welcome Vision Makers! This group is for Models, MUA and Collaborators who wish to work with The Eye Of Odin Photography. Through the private FB group, we will post information on upcoming photoshoots that will be held throughout the year. If you believe you are a Vision Maker, head on over to FaceBook and join our group. 



Due to COVID-19, we at the Eye Of Odin Photography are following the State of Oregon’s order to Shelter-In-Place. As such all photo shoots have been suspended. We wish everyone the best during these unprecedented times. We will reschedule our events as soon as this pandemic ends. – please make sure you are subscribed to our list server. You will be the first to receive the new shooting schedule and events. 

Upcoming Photoshoots

April 9th – Wooden Shoe Tulip

Our next shoot will be at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Stay tuned for more information and how to sign up for this photoshoot.

This event has been canceled due to recent CORVID-19 and restrictions on large gatherings in Oregon.


May – Burlesque

The May shoot will be a private shoot for the performers of the Northwest Vaudeville & Festival. 


Past Events

Feb 19th – Cobalt Studios

Two photographers, four models, and one MUA – All we can say is this was an epic shoot!